Ten Awesome Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon, so whether you’d be trick-or-treating or partying, you’d need to suit up (or down). Costume ideas? I’ve got some for everybody – from cute, to daring, to looking stupid, to awesome. I’ve scoured the net for the best Halloween dress-ups which you can re-do or get inspiration for.

Note: There are a few “offensive ” costumes down there, so turn around now if it’s not your thing.

10) Cadaver in a Body Bag – If you have the balls for it, you can just get a see-through body bag and us your own body. Balls you will have indeed in that case.

9) Homer – A classic character that everybody knows. The yellow guy is all about that Duff; which sounds about right for those parties.

8 ) Lobster – Perfect for the little tykes. Adults can attempts it as well if you can fit in a bucket and have others carry it around.

7) Rubik’s Cube – Colorful and Blocky. People would want to play with you in this one.

6) Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite – If you can’t look like Harrison Ford, this is the next best thing for you. Leah digs hard Solos.

5) Russel from the movie “Up” – For round kids (and kids at heart). Your cheeks will be red after all the pinching of it that you’ll have to go through.

4) Pizza Box – I’m assuming it’s an all-meat pizza that’s inside. Don’t let others open your box though if your Salami is of low-quality.

3) Giving Birth – It’s a group effort, just like making a baby. I’m just not sure if the hair belongs to the baby or the mother.

2) Hitler – Dressing your kid up as one of the most hated figures in the history of our existence can be cute after all.

1) Post-It Man – This one wouldn’t be tough to pull off, since there’s probably plenty of these on your desk. You can even have others leave notes on some of the post-its stuck on your body. Who knows, a fine lady may even leave you her number.



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