Ten Awesome Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon, so whether you’d be trick-or-treating or partying, you’d need to suit up (or down). Costume ideas? I’ve got some for everybody – from cute, to daring, to looking stupid, to awesome. I’ve scoured the net for the best Halloween dress-ups which you can re-do or get inspiration for.

Note: There are a few “offensive ” costumes down there, so turn around now if it’s not your thing.

10) Cadaver in a Body Bag – If you have the balls for it, you can just get a see-through body bag and us your own body. Balls you will have indeed in that case.

9) Homer – A classic character that everybody knows. The yellow guy is all about that Duff; which sounds about right for those parties.

8 ) Lobster – Perfect for the little tykes. Adults can attempts it as well if you can fit in a bucket and have others carry it around.

7) Rubik’s Cube – Colorful and Blocky. People would want to play with you in this one.

6) Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite – If you can’t look like Harrison Ford, this is the next best thing for you. Leah digs hard Solos.

5) Russel from the movie “Up” – For round kids (and kids at heart). Your cheeks will be red after all the pinching of it that you’ll have to go through.

4) Pizza Box – I’m assuming it’s an all-meat pizza that’s inside. Don’t let others open your box though if your Salami is of low-quality.

3) Giving Birth – It’s a group effort, just like making a baby. I’m just not sure if the hair belongs to the baby or the mother.

2) Hitler – Dressing your kid up as one of the most hated figures in the history of our existence can be cute after all.

1) Post-It Man – This one wouldn’t be tough to pull off, since there’s probably plenty of these on your desk. You can even have others leave notes on some of the post-its stuck on your body. Who knows, a fine lady may even leave you her number.



We Are The 99%

Do your part against corporate greed. Fight for your life, fight the power.


Screw the 1%.

You know it.

John Cena Spits, But It’s No Rap Song

10/24/11 Monday Night Raw

That’s live programming for you.


Thanks to CMPunkMadeChicago for the video.

Fun Facts: Muammar Gaddafi

Note: I spelled his name correctly, unlike most media outlets. Brownie points for me!

Libya’s feared leader has come and gone. After more than 40 years in power, Muammar Gaddafi has finally reached the end of his road – a not-so-pleasant finish, as other dictators like him have come to know. He probably is now in a better place; well, probably, at least. But let’s not focus on the gloomy stuff. With this article, let’s talk about Gaddafi’s quirkiness, his eccentricity – traits that can be associated to most tyrants.

Below are some fun facts about the well- loved leader (not really):

1) He has trained-to-kill virgins at his side 24/7

Them virgins.

Some of you may probably know about this since Gaddafi is always surrounded by his handpicked 40-member contingent of personal guards. Lady guards. Chaste (well at least up to a certain point in their service of him I guess; I mean, Gaddafi must have personally selected them for a good reason) lady guards. Chaste lady guards who rock jewelry, colored lips, polished nails, and high heels while on the job. And they never leave his side, day or night.

Beach trips for him and the gang perhaps resembles spring break.

2) He also has a voluptuous Ukrainian nurse

Another perk of being a dictator is having a shapely foreign nurse at your beck and call (as if his legion of guards wasn’t enough eye candy for him). She also never leaves his side as she keeps his health in-check and his manhood aroused (they are rumored to have sexual relations).

With that, you won't ever need a doctor.

3) The woman that makes him blush – Condoleezza Rice

Gaddafi can have all the women he wants, but the one that has eluded him is his crush, Condoleezza Rice. Libyan rebels found an album filled with picture of the former U.S. Secretary of State as they ransacked a deserted compound in Tripoli that was inhabited by Gaddafi.

In 2008, Rice visited Tripoli and reportedly had a late-night dinner with the Libyan leader to break the Ramadan fast. Gaddafi also presented Rice $200,000 worth of gifts, including a diamond ring, a signed copy of his personal manifesto (“The Green Book”) and a locket with an engraving of himself inside.

That’s so cute of him. His guards and nurse may be the ones who make his senses tingle, but Condoleezza is the one who holds his heart. Awww.

The look of love.

4) He’s so vain, he probably thinks this article is about him

Yes, it’s about him. And his vanity. It was alleged that even in Gaddafi’s last hours, he put effort into looking snazzy. Fortunately, he did since his mug made it to the papers and the internet moments after he was killed. Unfortunately, his face was covered in blood in those – plus yeah, he’s dead.

But to maintain his Robert Downey Jr. good looks, Gaddafi sought the aid of botox. The extent of his usage is what is left under speculation. Maybe he had just as many injections as Jenny McCarthy.

A known side-effect.

May you rest now, Gaddafi. It’s now up to Libya to take care of Libya.


Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises (Yes, we finally get a pic!)

Well, she could ride my bike all day.

And the hype continues for one of the most-anticipated sequels in movie history. Information on the final Batman film by Christopher Nolan has been quite limited so far, despite the demand for it. Nolan controls the stuff that gets out. Dark Knight fans and fans of fine ladies (I belong to both demographics), have been waiting on how.. uhm.. nice, to say the least, Anne Hathaway will look like in skin-tight leather. In this first promotional image released by Warner Bros. of Anne Hathaway, we sort of get an idea (but it still leaves a lot to our imagination).

Anne Hathaway hasn’t been talking much about her role since she stated that she ‘signed a blood oath’ not to do so right now at least. But albeit that, she noted that she’s looking forward to suiting up as Catwoman. “I want to be the best actress I can be and that means working with the best people and taking the most challenging roles,” Hathaway tells Total Film. “That’s the plan and so far it’s led to some really exciting places.”

And her suiting up as Catwoman is what we (yes, us real men) look forward to as well.

Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012. It’s still almost a year away, but fans are eating up everything they can on the movie. I’m not a fan of getting an idea on how the story will go as I hate being spoiled. That’s why I’ll simply be waiting for my Catwoman pics.

I CAN’T wait for even just one full-body shot. That would surely be nice.

You know it.

CM Punk: Cult of Personality

CM Punk just returned last Monday on Raw. And even if he’s only been gone a week, damn I had goosebumps all over. He came back with a new entrance theme to boot. Most, including me, find his new theme quite awesome (this was also used for Stone Cold Steve Austin Hall of Fame induction video package).  He first used the ‘Cult of Personality them during his stint in Ring of Honor. And if there’s one superstar on the roster that should be using this badass track by the legendary Living Colour, it ‘s CM Punk.

I mean, look at the lyrics (especially those who didn’t like it):

(And during the few moments that we have left
We want to talk right down to earth
In a language that everybody here can easily understand)

Look in my eyes
What do you see?
The cult of personality

I know your anger, I know your dreams
I’ve been everything you want to be
Oh, I’m the cult of personality

Like Mussolini and Kennedy
I’m the cult of personality
The cult of personality
The cult of personality

Neon lights, a Nobel prize
When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You don’t have to follow me
Only you can set me free

I sell the things you need to be
I’m the smiling face on your TV
Oh, I’m the cult of personality

I exploit you, still you love me
I tell you, one and one makes three
Oh, I’m the cult of personality

Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
I’m the cult of personality
The cult of personality
The cult of personality

Neon lights, a Nobel prize
When a leader speaks, that leader dies
You won’t have to follow me
Only you can set you free

You gave me fortune, you gave me fame
You me power in your God’s name
I’m every person you need to be
Oh, I’m the cult of personality


That song IS CM Punk. Now, it’s arguable that CM Punk’s return was a bit premature, but let’s see where this goes. I CAN’T wait till next week. Feels, great to be a wrestling fan nowadays, eh? I haven’t been this excited for Raw every week in quite a long time now.


Move over John Cena, you’ve done good for yourself these past few years, but there’s a new top star in the wrestling world. And he’s just getting started.

You know it.

DLCs: More Harm Than Good

Downloadable content (more commonly known as DLC) started to figure into our lives during the era of the first Xbox. Yeah, the Sega Dreamcast and even Atari had their own versions of DLC; but these were extremely limited in nature (in terms of size). The content offered to gamers then was more or less free of charge. Only in the current console generation though has DLC been implemented to in such a commercial manner. The Xbox 360, the Playstation 3, the Nintendo Wii, and even the Nintendo DS have all sorts of content that you can get from their respective online stores/marketplaces. Yes, some are still free; but there are those that can really be quite expensive.

With Atari's Ms. Pacman DLC, you can opt to turn Ms. Pacman into a male.

Microsoft started this trend. They set-up the Xbox Live Marketplace and came up with their very own currency system. And what do you know, Sony and Nintendo followed suit. This move by the current “holy trinity” of console gaming is what made it possible for downloadable content to permeate the video gaming world like never before. In the current console generation, almost every game released DLC of some form – extra levels, new weapons, optional bosses, and even stuff as mundane as new hairstyles for your character.

Microsoft was also responsible for this trend.

Sounds good, right? The concept of DLCs allows developers to continue to work and “improve” their games long after their release. They can also add extra content when the disk space of the game is all spent out. It isn’t that bad after all, some would say. If you don’t care about money, doesn’t hate the feeling of being ripped-off, or is just a plain fan boy, I guess there isn’t a problem. Money isn’t much of an object to me now since I now have a means of earning. But still, I can’t help the feeling that I’m being ripped off by most gaming companies. I mean, I already paid 60-hard-earned-dollars for a game, what more could they want? Alas, more money, of course. And yes, I’m well aware that downloadable content isn’t a required purchase. But that’s besides the point. Every time they release DLC, especially if it’s just a month/a few weeks/just DAYS after the release of the game, or DURING THE RELEASE DATE ITSELF, you just can’t help but feel that they purposely left some stuff out (well, it tends to be really obvious when they’ve got DLC ready at the date of the game’s release). Yes Resident Evil 5, even though I love you, you crossed the line.

He's definitely a fan of boys.

I don’t care about DLCs that only add to aesthetics such as more clothing for your character or a new map for your friends to battle in. They can charge as much as they want for that since that is what I would define as OPTIONAL content. But a lot of DLCs, such as in Fallout 3 for example, enable you to get more levels out of your character (it increases the level cap from 20 to 30); this of course translates to more skills for your character, improved stats, and a whole new experience for you. This kind of thing SHOULD NOT be optional. As a perfectionist in most games, especially in RPGs, I would feel shortchanged if this was left out initially. The option for enhanced level cap came months after the release, long after you’ve probably finished the game. Now, I’m sure many wouldn’t mind diving back into Fallout 3 since it was a great game, but yeah, they’ll make you pay another $20 or so first before you get the complete Fallout 3 experience. Sucks, eh?

Well, that’s the harsh reality of it. DLC can make the developers real lazy or flat-out greedy, since they can put off working on in-game content when they know they can just release it on an expansion pack or something. You have to spend roughly $80-$120 just to get the COMPLETE version of most major releases. And we can’t do nothing about it since about every on else eats it up.

Eating DLCs up is what we do best.

You know it.

Christian is Gold

Gonna start this out by saying that I have supported Christian a long ass time now. Whenever I spoke about him before, I always say he’s one of the most (if not the most) ) underutilized guys in the business. That was something me and Booker T always agreed on.  I mean, he’s done it all, he has paid his dues and has more than earned his place in the wrestling world. He is a multi-time Intercontinental champion and been tag champ more times than there have been Star Wars movies. But before a few months ago, the world title has always eluded him.

Given that he burst out of the scene via a tag team, it’s almost imperative to compare him to his former partner and still best friend Edge.  While Edge has enjoyed an amazing career, I’ve always argued that Christian was always better. In the ring, both guys can get it done – and get it done good. But what I think gets Christian a notch above is that he has always done an exceptional job on whatever role he was given – may it be a good or a bad guy. Face or heel, he carries himself well and delivers his promos spot-on.

Gold belt, gold pants.


As you may know, he’s now a 2-time world champion. When he first won the title, I had goosebumps all over; just like  when Mick Foley and the late great Eddie Guerrero first won theirs. I had that exact same feeling. It surely is one of the most memorable events to happen this year, along with Rock cutting his first live promo in 7 years and CM Punk leaving the company as WWE champion. It’s always great to see someone who has worked his butt off for nearly two decades to finally achieve his life-long dream. And that’s why I was fuming mad when I read about what happened during the Smackdown taping following Extreme Rules. Yes, I knew it was just a part of a bigger picture; but still, I have never been that infuriated at the WWE. It’s like I was a kid all over again. It’s the first time for him so it meant a lot, and after those cold gold-less years, it meant that much more. I hated Randy Orton’s guts for that (him doing THIS also contributed).



I also figured it was a set-up for a heel run, which didn’t sit well with me. Why? Because it’s been so long since I really got behind a baby face world champion. Plus, with the internet blowing up on what happened, his fan-base was at its strongest point. Peep or not, everyone was happy for his title win. The outpouring of support was just amazing. There’s also the fact that Smackdown was and still is sorely lacking baby faces. But I guess it’s all good since he’s now back on top after a few months.

I’m just hoping it would stay that way for much, much, much longer than five days now.

You know it.

The Man That is Single-Handedly Reviving Wrestling

If you’re following the wrestling world, I’m sure you know by now who I’m referring to even though the WWE management doesn’t want his name to be uttered on TV.

It won’t hurt to recap a little bit and see how it all began. It is suggested that you view it if you’ve been hiding under a god-forsaken rock somewhere for some reason.

Any who, back to the matter at hand. Ah, the shirt in the video seems to fit quite nicely on him. Good touch, I say. People have been waiting for that one guy who they can get behind on – like how most of us did when Stone Cold Steve Austin was still doing his thing.  I’ve got a feeling that we’ve finally found him folks. And that promo? One of the most memorable in history. You can tell that what he said comes from the core, and it”s what makes it so powerful. He basically said what many of us have been thinking all along. That was his Austin 3:16 moment. If there  is one guy today who  has the potential to be as huge as Steve Austin was, well, he’s probably hanging out with Colt.

Let me say that this kind of performer only comes once or twice in each wrestling generation. A superstar who can awe us in the squared-circle; someone who still understands that old-school in-ring psychology. A performer who has the ability to deliver compelling promos; and has the charisma to make every single person watching hang on to every word he that comes from his mouth.

In the recent wrestling generation, there are only two guys that I can put in that regard – Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. But those two are gone now (well Jericho is, for now at least). Fortunately for us followers of the sport, we still have the guy I’m referring to. But he doesn’t see himself as a performer, or even a superstar. He deems himself as a wrestler. And right now, in his words, he is the best in the world. After the last few weeks, only a handful would try to argue with that statement.

So let’s fast-forward a little bit. He is now champion. And gone.

But wait. What the? You gotta see THIS.

The otherwise normal proceedings just went haywire. The place ERUPTED. You know you have something good going when you are blowing up the scene more than one of the all-time greats who fans don’t see regularly on TV anymore. Hunter has no problem commanding an audience, but he was just outdid in that verbal joust.

This man started a revolution. He has brought life and buzz that hasn’t been felt in wrestling for a very long time now. I’m sure I’ll be glued to WWE television every week waiting for his music to kick in again. Could take months, years, or never.

But hell, we want this guy. Can we name him now, you ask?

For the daft, it’s C.M. Punk.

At the time of this writing, that's kinda true.

P.S. Ryder on Raw please.

You know it.

GTA IV : Good Ass Slavic Fun, Some Quirks

Disclaimer: This is NOT a proper review.

Kind of late for this since it’s a 3-year old game, but I only got to play it this year. I enjoyed it tons. Some quirks though:

1) Should’ve played it first over Red Dead Redemption. RDR fixed many of GTA’s faults (ex. lack of a decent checkpoint system, clunky gunplay); hence, GTA looked quite inferior. RDR is also one of my favorite games this gen.

Don't like the gunplay, Niko? U MAD?

Can't use guns the way you want to? U MAD?

2) The mission ranking you receive after every mission that they introduced with Gay Tony. You have to make sure you do the missions a certain way in order to get gold after every mission. This sucks, since what I like about GTA is getting reckless and doing things your way. With this system, instead of RPG-ing enemy vehicles, I have to take them down via guns. Instead of driving like a madman to get away from police, you have to drive carefully. It sorts of dictates the way you do things, kind’s of restricts the supposed “free” game. That ain’t GTA to me. In RDR, this was okay.

3)  Collecting 200 god-damned pigeons. 50 would’ve been OK, 200 is simply overkill. It’s just an annoyance, a waste of time. It would’ve been nice if it was fun. This is the only thing that kept me from going 100%. I didn’t mind collecting 30 hidden cars all over the city; at least I got to cruise in it and listen to some music. I’ve never liked collecting stuff around the map in games. That’s why I didn’t go for Crackdown, they say it’s collection heavy.

These little critters will peck away at your life little by litte..

4) Stunt jumps. Same as the pigeons. Boring as hell.  Rockstar could’ve given us more optional missions instead of  the tediousness that are pigeons and stunt jumps.

Oh what fun it is to ride! Ugh..

Fix those in the next GTA and I’m all good. I didn’t mind the “realistic” approach they took – the main qualm of many disappointed GTA fans. It’s a step forward. Sometimes, others just find it hard to embrace change.

You know it.

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